Sunday, June 29, 2008

Lazy Sunday

Today has been nice. We went to church and then came home and had fajitas for lunch. I made them this morning and put them in the crockpot on warm. It was nice coming home after church and not worrying about what was for lunch. I watched a show on national Geographic about the Amish and then looked through the sale ads in the paper. It's been a relaxing day. I also made some turkey vegetable soup and gluten free muffins. I'll take the left over soup to work with me tomorrow for lunch. Tonight is Kinzie's 1st Birthday Party. She is sooo sweet. I got her the cutest pink and black tutu with a matching bow. I love her!

My flowers are starting to bloom on my trees/bushes (finally). I think they were lacking water. Since my dad fixed all of my sprinklers, things are looking much better. This is my Crepe Myrtle. I love the purple flowers. I got this from my moms yard. =)

Here are the tomato plants that Bobby & Kevin Lee planted (in my front flower beds!). You can't really see the tomatoes, but there are a lot of green ones on there.

Thursday and Friday were emotional days for me. I had to have my sister's dog Maggie put to sleep. She was about 14-15 years old and was very sick. It was so hard. Bobby and Matthew took her to the vet early Friday morning. Maggie lived with my mom after my sister was killed in a car accident a few years ago. Maggie was actually in the accident with Glenna and survived. It felt like I lost part of my sister all over again. Here is a picture of Maggie and Matthew that morning...


Dorothy said...

I am so sorry about Maggie and the loss of your sister too.

Thankfulheart said...

Gayle, I LOVE your blog!!! I am so sorry about Maggie. :(
Big Hug!