Thursday, June 26, 2008

My day off

Today is Thursday, my day off. I love having one day a week to be home... or out doing whatever I want to be doing. My parents came over and cleaned today and then went out to chinese food with Bobby and the boys. I had a yummy wrap for lunch. It was on a whole wheat totilla with shredded turkey, diced tomato, avacado and sprouts.

Yesterday I went to Kohl's and found a really cute black & white coat for only $7 on clearance. It is light weight and ties around the waist. I am going to wear it when I go on my cruise in October. I found a cute zip up sweater for $3. I love a bargain!

Below is a picture I had to share with you... My husband and youngest son cooked chicken on the BBQ the other night for dinner. (They attempted to cook it anyway) They put it on the grills top shelf and closed the lid and walked away. When we looked outside there was black smoke pouring out of the BBQ! It was on fire! My husband finally got the water hose and put it out... kind of scary. I had to take a picture of the pour chicken before we dumped it in the garbage. Good thing I was making something totally different for me to eat that night. I shared. =)

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