Friday, July 25, 2008

It's been a good week

Today is Friday! yea! It has been a good week. Work is going well... getting lots of new properties. The boys were at youth camp (coming home today) so the house was very quiet and stayed somewhat clean. =) I really missed them... I can't wait to see them. I got on the scale this morning and have lost 11 pounds total! I am so happy... this eating clean way of life is really working and I feel so good. I went to Jamba Juice with my friend Theresa last night. I wish I had a pic to post. She has a new hairstyle and looks so chic! We had a great time visiting and catching up. We looked around Michaels and Target too. Our family is going over to the coast this Sunday for a few nights. I am so looking forward to it! We rented a beach house for three nights that is just a short walk to the water. We're going to take the boys shopping for school clothes at the outlet mall... they'll enjoy that. Bobby called me today and is taking me back to Vegas!! We'll spend three nights at the Bellagio... can't wait! We'll be celebrating ou 19 year anniversary. Hmmmm, what can I get him?

Sunday, July 20, 2008

After Pictures... finally!

I finally am able to post my after pics of my pantry. It isn't perfect, but it is much better.

I worked all day on Thursday, trying to get things organized. It is amazing how sidetracked I get. I need to learn to stick to one project and not move on to something else. I got one of the laundry closets done as well as the boys bathroom closet. I moved all of the twin size sheets into their closet, since that is closer to where they need them. I will eventually get this house in order.

My two youngest boys are at camp this week. I will really miss them, but I know they're going to have a great time. I have wonderful memories from camp... the same camp ground that the boys are at! I think it is so cool that they are there, experiencing the same place I did at their age.

Below is my vision board. (For you Sheila!) I made it to remind myself of what I want and what is important to me. I keep it in a place that I see everyday, so that I will think positive and work towards my goals.

I had a lot of fun making it... I love being creative. Oh, and the mattress that is on there... I got it! AND I am eating healthy & exercising. I'm getting organized and I read a lot of good books. It's fun... try making your own vision board.

Church was awesome today. It was an old time Pentecostal service this morning. God is so good.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Cleaning day!

Today is my day off and I have been cleaning - organizing like crazy! It feels so good to see things start to come together. I will definitely post pics of my progress later. I sorted through all of our sheets and gave quite a few to Goodwill. I moved the boys twin sheets into their bathroom closet, since that is a lot closer to their rooms. I'm moving stuff from my pantry into the laundry room storage closet, which is freeing up space for food. I have a 7 drawer organizer that I am going to put all of my scrapbook/stamping stuff in. Right now I have everything in a tub under my bed. It isn't convenient at all. (Just very dusty!) I am looking forward to having it at my fingertips and ready when I am. I bought a scrapbooking frame at Michaels last night for $5! I got a cute shabby chic looking paper to use in it. I will make a collage to put in my office. I just need to decide what pictures I want in it now. Maybe I'll take some new ones and use those. =) Well, I'm off to do some more cleaning.


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Shabby Chic... oh so cute!

Today has been a nice day. I went to work and then came home and made a yummy pesto sauce... which I then used on a pita pizza. The All Start baseball game is on tonight, so I watched part of that while I sewed my first apron! (and finished it!) I coulnd't figure out how to go by the pattern, so I just did my own thing and it turned out pretty good. I want to add some embellishment to it... to make it cute. I have been having a lot of fun with sewing/crafting. I made my first tutu on Sunday. It was red & black... I gave it to Scarlett. She loves tutus. I wish I had taken a picture of it. Maybe I can get one of her wearing it sometime. Bobby, Kev and I went to Lowe's tonight to get a couple of things for my office. I am getting a new ceiling fan, so I got a skeleton key pull chain. I LOVE old keys! I have them all over my office. I have it decorated in a shabby chic theme. I got a new light switch plate too. Below are some pics from my office. This first one is the curtain I made (out of a shower curtain) to hid the ugly stuff in the top of the closet... there is a filing cabinet below it.
This is a picture of the wall right behind my desk. The hooks say PRAY and HOPE.
Thisis a little table I found at Ross for $10. I love pictures! It makes the office more homey.

Well, I am going to go and rest and try to figure out what to wear to work tomorrow. I can't wait to have some of this weight gone... eating clean is the way to go!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

It's Hot!!

OK... it is really hot.  I think around 110 today.  I had a great day off.  I hung out around the house, visiting with my dad & Emma until around 11ish.  Then I went and got my hair trimmed (sorry Cass... I had to get it done today) and then went to Wal-Mart.  I bought some netting and elastic so that I can experiment with making tutus.  I don't have any girls, but I love making girlie things.  I also started my first apron.  It says EASY on the pattern, but it isn't so easy.  It is a bit frustrating actually.  I'll post a pic when I finish it.  I made chicken fajitas for dinner tonight.  They turned out very good.  I also made brownies (and I didn't eat one).  I am doing so good with my new healthy eating.  Occasionally I want something sweet, but fruit or yogurt usually takes care of that.  I also have a small piece of dark chocolate every now and then.  It's good for you you know.  =)  Exercise is next on my list.  I HAVE to start... and I know I'll fell Fabulous once I do.  Baby steps.. that's what I need to do.  Well, I'm off to watch Food Network. 

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

New headband

I made Kinzie Girl another headband. Hopefully she has an outfit that matches it. =)

Fresh Asparagus Soup

I made this soup last night. I plan to eat it tonight for dinner. It was really easy to make! Enjoy!

Fresh Asparagus Soup ingredients list:

¾ lb of asparagus, fresh.
5 cups of water.
1 ½ cups of canned chicken broth.
2 tablespoons of plain low-fat yogurt.
1 teaspoon of salt.
Pinch of black pepper.
Pinch of cayenne pepper.

Instructions for Fresh Asparagus Soup:

Break the hard ends off the asparagus spears; then cut the remaining asparagus into one-inch pieces.Using a saucepan, bring the five cups of water and teaspoon of salt to the boil over high heat.Add the fresh asparagus and cook until tender (takes about 4 minutes).Drain into a colander set over a bowl to catch the liquid; and save 2 cups of the liquid.Place the asparagus and 2 cups of liquid in a blender and mix until smooth.Pour the mix into a saucepan.Stir in the chicken broth, black pepper and cayenne pepper; bring to the boil.Remove from heat.Stir in the plain yogurt.Serve as desired.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Happy July!

Wow... July already! I haven't been very good about writing lately. It has been a good month so far. The 4th was great. We had family over for a BBQ & fireworks. I did good with my healthy eating too... I made a veggie burger. It was actually really good. I have lost 6 pounds so far. Here is a pic of my guys... I love them so much... (Bobby, Ryan, Kevin Lee & Matt)

Here is my dad and Marshall. Marshall REALLY wants Papa's ice cream!

This is my sister in law Tena and me with her boys...Skyler & Tyler.

I have decided that I am definitely a sidetracked home executive. I start one thing and then see something else and start that... and on it goes! I have sooooo many things I want to do and I try to do them all at once! (Organizing, quilting, sewing, reading) Last night I made Kinzie a headband. It is made from felt (the flower not the headband). I think it turned out cute...

I went to Wal-Mart and got a pattern and some fabric to make a simple apron. I love aprons and do not own any. I got a pretty black and white floral print and a Mary Engelbreit black with red cherries print. I cut out the pattern but am not sure where to go from here. LOL... I will have to wait for my "mom2" to come over and help me on Thursday. Over the weekend I sewed a really cute curtain for my office at work. It was actually a shower curtain that I cut to fit the space I needed to cover. My Shabby Chic office is looking very cute. Bobby is gonna love all the pink when he comes to work with me! Oh well, I was there first. =)