Thursday, July 17, 2008

Cleaning day!

Today is my day off and I have been cleaning - organizing like crazy! It feels so good to see things start to come together. I will definitely post pics of my progress later. I sorted through all of our sheets and gave quite a few to Goodwill. I moved the boys twin sheets into their bathroom closet, since that is a lot closer to their rooms. I'm moving stuff from my pantry into the laundry room storage closet, which is freeing up space for food. I have a 7 drawer organizer that I am going to put all of my scrapbook/stamping stuff in. Right now I have everything in a tub under my bed. It isn't convenient at all. (Just very dusty!) I am looking forward to having it at my fingertips and ready when I am. I bought a scrapbooking frame at Michaels last night for $5! I got a cute shabby chic looking paper to use in it. I will make a collage to put in my office. I just need to decide what pictures I want in it now. Maybe I'll take some new ones and use those. =) Well, I'm off to do some more cleaning.


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