Wednesday, September 10, 2008

It's been a while...

Ok... so it is harder to keep up with a blog than I thought it would be. Time goes bay way too fast! Since the last time I wrote, Bobby and I went to Las Vegas to celebrate our anniversary. We had a fabulous time! Can't wait to go again. My middle son has turned 16 and is ready to get his drivers license! I started a new softball co-ed league last night. I hit a triple! Yea for me! I was having a batting slump, so it felt really good to be able to hit again. I am still eating clean and loving it. I have lost 18 pounds and feel great. I am walkingon my treadmill for 20 minutes almost every day. I will start another co-ed team on Saturday nights next week. It feels good to be active and able to run the bases! =) We had Old Fashioned Day at church on Sunday. I wored overalls and my hair in pigtails. Kev and Matt went to Goodwill and got clothes to wear. It was so much fun dressing up. I will post a pic of them soon. Bobby had knee surgery last Thursday. He is still hurting really bad, but is able to finally walk (limp) without crutches. I'll be glad when he is completely healed and able to do more. He is going stir crazy at home! Well... that is about it for now. I will write more soon... I promise!

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Thankfulheart said...

Welcome back girly!!! You have been busy. Hope Bobby is 100% real soon.