Saturday, October 11, 2008

Sole Sisters & Cruisin'...

This morning I got up bright and early and went to the park to walk. Kim met me there (yes, she is my only sole sister at this time)... but hey, the group doubled in size from last week. =) Anyway... we walked for about 30 minutes and had a nice talk about the cruise and the upcoming Missions Walk-a-Thon that our church is hosting. It is going to be in November. I also got to hear all about her trip to Tennessee. The weather was nice and crisp and perfect for a walk.

The cruise is only 2 days away... I am SO ready for this trip. I'd get in to more detail about why... but that is not what this blog is all about. I plan to have a FABULOUS time and relax. There is a pool, jacuzzi, sauna, and steam room waiting for me! Not to mention a lot of great food, my friends, parasailing, a massage and many more FUN, FUN things. Is it Monday yet?
Today I am cleaning house and doing laundry... somebody has to do it. I have 2 games tonight with the church league. I am really looking forward to playing out there again and seeing a lot of familiar faces.
I will take lots of pics next week.

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sherry said...

Well I for one would love to hear your reasons WHY you are anxious for your cruisin time!!!!
You know I keep on finding more and more things that you and I have in common...Now I see your holiday organizer and see there is one more thing we do alike! I have done one of these myself for many years now!!!! I love organizing and planning...that is the kind of job I need to get! ha!
Hey, have a blast on your trip my friend!!!