Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Thankful Tuesday...

We started a new thing on Sunday nights at church... Facing Your Giants. Pastor did the "kickoff" this past Sunday. Everyone came dressed in their favorite team jerseys. It was so much fun. I can't wait for next week. I really hope more people come out because they are missing a good thing.

I leave in less than a week to go on a cruise with lots of my favorite friends. I am so excited about going. I plan on parasailing for the first time! I also plan to get a massage (ot two) and to eat lots of yummy desserts. (sitting in sauna and walking on treadmill a must!)

Things I am thankful for today:

1. This great weather
2. Playing softball
3. Going on a cruise
4. Weight loss
5. Good books
6. Comfortable shoes

Until next time...

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