Wednesday, October 1, 2008

We won!

Last night our Dobbs Realty Team played a great game! We won by one run in an extra inning. It felt really good to win... finally! We have a good team, but we seem to playing a lot of better teams. As long as it is fun... it's worth going out there. The exercise is great, especially when you make it on base! (which only happened for me once last night). I am going to start playing on another co-ed team soon. We'll play on Saturday nights. I love being out there with my friends and Kevin Lee. Kev has his driver's permit now, so he thinks he is suppose to drive every time we get in the car. Last night was the first time I didn't feel fear when I got in the car. =) I'm getting better. It is hard giving up control of the wheel to your 16 year old.

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Lori said...

im so glad we won! Kevin did great at 1st base.. looked like a natural and that hit you got was awesome! i love our team.. even though we all kinda have big mouths and fight like family.. lol. i would'nt trade it for the world..