Friday, November 28, 2008

Today has been a long day.  Bobby and Kev were up early, shopping all of those Black Friday sales.  I woke up crabby.  I did my quiet time... you'd think that would help my mood, huh... and then went to Target, Berean and Ross.  I bought very little... just wasn't in a shopping mood.  I must be sick.  =)  Later in the day I went out again with Bobby and Kev and had a nice time.  We found some great deals at a show store that is going out of business.  60% off of everything!  We ate lunch at Quiznos and then came home for a nap.  My Christmas Tree isn't up yet, but I am going to go dig it out of the garage and see if I can get it set up by tomorrow.  I did get some really cute mini pine branch trees to decorate my mantle with.  As soon as I get it all up, I'll post pics.  Well... time to go make a cup of tea and watch a movie.  

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Anonymous said... guys are just as crazy as we are with the shopping thing. haha. Hey, I don't know where to click to follow your'll have to tell me how....

Tell Ryan, Kevin, and Matt I said hello! I miss those guys!