Saturday, November 15, 2008

Feeling unappreciated

This morning I got up and fixed biscuits and chocolate gravy. I was thinking my family would ewww and ahhh over the fact that I actually made breakfast. Nope... they turned their noses up at having something different. Matthew ate and said it was good... but he wasn't all that impressed. (I ate one too, so I KNOW it was good!) Bobby didn't even taste it. Ryan slept through it and Kev went to Magic Mountain... with a poptart. So much for trying to impress my family with my culinary skills. Seriously, I could have eaten the whole pan of chocolate gravy. It was perfect... if I must say so myself.

Poor Kevin lee had a great day planned at Magic Mountain... but the park was closed when they got there! I guess there are fires near by. At least he'll be home for our softball game tonight. I am looking forward to playing. I hope I smash the ball! I'll let ya know!

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LauraBo said...

Wow I grew up on chocolate gravy and so did Lindell! My boys always used to ask for it when they came home after getting married. Now their wives fix it.