Sunday, December 21, 2008

Clean Eating Works!

I haven't put a before and after picture up yet... so I thought I would today. This 1st picture of me is in Las Vegas on my BFF's 40th birhtday. When I got home and saw my pictures, I wanted to cry... I had really let myself go and was miserable! I decided then and there that it was time to make a change in my lifestyle and so... Clean Eating. It has made such a huge difference in my life. Besides the weight loss, I feel better physically and mentally. It isn't always easy, but well worth it! I've lost 30 pounds! (Give or take a pound everyday!)

This picture (below) was taken today, before I went to church. I am in a dress I bought 13 years ago! I refused to get rid of it because I loved it. I only wear it at Christmas, so it has only been on me a few times! I tried it on the other day and did a little dance... I was so happy I could fit in to it again! Feeling thin is so much better than food tastes... even chocolate! Giving up sugary, fatty foods is not that hard once you set your mind to it. Well, that's my success story. I don't think I am done losing... I hope not anyway. =) I can definitely tell you that a little exercise makes you feel SO much better. I haven't been walking or playing softball because of the weather and I can really tell the difference in my moods and how my body feels. The treadmill IS my friend! =)

Merry Christmas Everyone!! Have a fabulous day! Remember Jesus is the reason for this season and give Him your best! Love ya!


Dana said...

WOW!!!! great job eating healthy! exercise is my biggest hurdle... it's one of those pardoxes, you're too tired to exercise but if you would exercise you'd have more energy. :)

Thankfulheart said...

Beautiful Gayle!!! Your hard work has paid off now your as beautiful on the outside as you've ALWAYS been on the inside!

mimisherry said...

WOW Gayle!!! That dress really shows the fabulous results you have had from all your hard work and diligence! Good for you, you look awsome!!!! I need a dose of your enthusiasm and willpower to kick start the new year with!! ha!