Friday, December 19, 2008

My thoughts...

Today I read this verse and I really liked it, so I want to share it with you.

Psalm 5:3 says, "In the morning You hear my voice, O Lord; In the morning I prepare a prayer, a sacrifice, for you, and wait for you to speak to my heart."

Today I was a total crab... I know, you're shaking your head... unable to believe that about ME!... but it is true. =) I am having such a hard time with my quiet times because of distractions! I get up at 6am... grab my coffee... sit in my comfy chair with my favorite blanket and then... NOISE, husband, kid (Matt is the only one up) and dog. I am constantly apologizing to God for not being able to focus. I have decided I need a plan to make this quiet time/first fruits truly work around my house. I am going to set my alarm for 5:16am (ugh) and see if that helps. I am also going to move my alarm closer to my bed, so that I can turn it off quickly... before it wakes my husband and dog up (yes, the dog sleeps with me... I know). I was so frustrated today, that I actually said I was going to quit trying... quit having quiet time. OK, so I am not really going to quit... but at the moment, I really felt like quitting. I know it isn't about ME, it's about God and giving HIM what is His already. I need to prepare myself for my meeting with him and sacrifice myself for Him. Getting up at that hour, before it is even light outside is HARD... but I will not let my attitude (hmmmm, bad attitude) get the best of me and take away the blessings that I get from my early morning times with the Lord. You know, just confessing this all to you makes me feel better. =)

Have a blessed day!!

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Lori said...

haha.. this is cute and it made me laugh.. i get kinda grumpy sometimes too.. lol!