Sunday, December 7, 2008

Never a dull moment...

Today has been a day with a whirlwind of emotions for me. I got up this morning (late!) and had a short quiet time. I couldn't stay focused. During my quiet time, my step mom called and said that my dad couldn't make it to Sunday School to teach today because he was sick. He is on stronger meds and they are upsetting his stomach. Then in comes my oldest son... Grrrrrr... from a night out. I hate it when he doesn't come home. Anyway... made it to church. We had a good service. While I was talking with friends afterwards, I got a call from my middle son saying that he and his dad had been in an accident. They were fine... everyone was. Poor Bobby just got his car back the other day after having it in the transmission shop for days! Here are a couple of pics.

Traffic came to a stop, but the truck behind Bobby didn't. He rear ended them, which then sent Bobby's car into the girls in front of him. I am so glad that Kevin Lee wasn't driving. (He has his permit) We all ended up at Chili's having lunch. I am so thankful that my family is all alive and well. God is good. =)
Our last softball game didn't happen... the other team was a no show. That gave us a win! We ended up hanging out and just hitting the ball and fielding for about an hour. It was SO cold. Every time I hit the ball I wanted to cry because it hurt my hands so bad. I watched The Christmas Choir on Hallmark Channel last night. I enjoyed it very much!
I won!! I won my first Give-a-way! On she asked for our favorite Christmas songs. I won a $15 Itunes gift card. How cool is that. Yet, another emotion. (sigh) I am gonna make a cup of tea.

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