Saturday, January 17, 2009

Giveaways... and random thoughts

OK... I am so excited! I won a give away from another blog. Thank you Helen & Caleb!( And it is TEA, so that makes me extra happy! I won an Itunes card from someone at Christmas too ... totally cool. I bought all kinds of new Christmas music for my Ipod. Hmmmm, I think I will do a Clean Eating giveaway! Once I get it together... I will post it.

I can't wait for my foot to heal. I am actually missing my treadmill!! My body totally feels the difference between getting some exercise and not. I will have to come up with a way to exercise without using my right foot. LOL... squats actually aren't so hard, since your weight is on your heels and not your toes. =) Push-ups and weights are another thing I can do. Soooo, no cardio, but I will still feel better and build muscle tone. I feel better already!

Today I am going to the church to help make Enchilada's for a take out dinner we are having tomorrow. We are trying to buy more tables for our dinners... they are about $110 each. I hope we sale TONS of dinners!

My friend Sharron has been cooking clean and sharing! I love it! All I have to do to continue getting samples, is to return her containers. Shoot, I'll buy her new containers! She is a great cook! I am so blessed with wonderful friends. I know they don't realize that all the little things they do and say mean so much to me.

I went to visit my dad last night. I sat and talked to him and Emma for a couple of hours. I took them Rootbeer Freezes (for dad) and a Peanut Butter Milkshake (for Mom2). My dad is really weak, but his mood was good. He even sang me a couple of songs. I know this sounds bad, but we were talking about his funeral and what he wants to happen. We made some jokes about it and that really helped lighten the mood. I totally believe my dad can be healed from this horrible disease. But I also know that God loves him and may just be ready to take him out of this sad world and give him some peace. My dad may be the next choir director of the angels... you just never know. He really wants to live on a horse ranch in Heaven... I guess it could happen. =) Whatever happens, I will be at peace with. Healing or Heaven... there really isn't a negative for him.

Have a FABULOUS weekend!!

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