Monday, January 19, 2009

Motivate Me Monday

Monday... already. =) That is how I felt when I woke up this morning. I am still a 6am girl... can't seem to bring myself to change the alarm to 5:16am yet. Maybe once the time changes and it isn't so dark outside, it'll be easier for me to adjust. Today... I rolled out of bed and headed for the coffee pot (which I had pre-set the night before)... and what did I find? Yep, a cold coffee pot. Grrrrrrr (Kevin Lee!) My precious middle son (16) who has decided he likes coffee now, made himself a pot last night and forgot to re-set it when he was done. I was sooooo bummed. Do you know how hard it is to make a pot of coffee with your eyes closed? He thought it was funny... Ha Ha.

Anyway... I finished the book of Genesis yesterday. Yea! I enjoyed reading about Abraham and his family very much. It amazed me how God came to them in such a personal way... like face to face almost. He spoke to them with such clarity and they always knew it was Him. That made me think about when God has spoken to me... and He has... many times. It wasn't audible but I knew it was Him. Our relationship with Jesus has a lot in common with our relationships with friends and family. When we put forth an effort and give commitment in our relationships, they flourish. When neglected, they suffer and fall apart. Listening plays an important part too. The more I give to my relationship with the Lord, the more I am going to hear Him. I've noticed a huge change in my worship time at church. I don't just sing the songs anymore... I feel them, I feel Him. The tears flow and I have a heart of gratitude for who He is to me.
Enjoy your time with the Lord this week!


iamELLIE said...

lol!! aww kevin ;]

ps. i love ur lil reflection about our relationship with God :]

Sarah Mae said...

Good stuff!

I feel for ya, with your son! Poor, poor coffee that early...bad bad bad...