Saturday, January 3, 2009

Saturday night... what to do?

I wish I were at the beach... specifically at Oceano Beach, sitting in the living room at the beach house on Surf St. with my friends.  We'd be laughing and playing Catch Phrase and wearing cute PJ's. 

I am bored... and I shouldn't be, because I have a TON of stuff I could be doing.  I'm just not in the mood to do any of it.  I miss softball... that is what I want to be doing right now... sigh.

Today, I took Matt to get his hair cut at Cassie's new salon.  It is cute... and she did a great job on his hair.  Next door is a little neighborhood market that sells meat and stuff.  I got carne asada and chorizo.  (I won't eat either one... but the guys love it)  The prices weren't bad and it was kind of neat shopping at a little market verses Sam's Club for a change.  I had sauteed brussel sprouts with parmesan cheese for dinner... yumm!  

I am going to go watch tv.  There is a new Hallmark movie on tonight.  I miss all of the Christmas shows I watched in December.  Sweet dreams to you all.


Lori said...

i totally miss softball too! and seeing all the pictures of the beach house and softball and the cruise made me want to go to the beach too!! im so ready to get back into our normal busy lives again playing softball and stuff! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey! I hope your Tuesday is going well! :) Was checking in to see how your Bible reading is going. :) Has it been challenging to get to? Have you been able to discuss with fellow readers at all (this really helps!) Don't hesitate to stop by if you need someone to share with. I post every other day or so what I've learned from the readings. If you post on your blog, it helps to gather thoughts. :) Have a great night!