Thursday, January 8, 2009

Time to Clean!

OK... so I had foot surgery on Tuesday (I am ok... it really hurts... but I'll survive) and have had to lay around for a couple of days. Do you know how much you see, when all you have to do is lay there and look at the piles of clutter. It is DRIVING ME CRAZY to not be able to walk around and clean. These things didn't just magically appear either... no, they've been there for a while... but I am usually so busy, that I don't SEE what all needs to done until I can't do it. I need to make a plan... or hire Merry Maids. Hmmmmm. OK... a plan... De-Clutter is my new favorite word and Goodwill be be my new best friend. Seriously... I am so embarrased that I've let my house get the way it is. I have every organization book there is. I guess I should really put some of that knowledge I have to work... just as soon as I can walk!

Please continue to pray for my dad. He is really not feeling well. We were told he needs to start a bone hardening treatment. I'm not sure when that will happen. We will find out the results of his bone scan on the 12th. The treatment should help the pain some.

Have a blessed day!

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