Saturday, January 10, 2009

Yard Sale Day... over by 9am!

Today we had a yard sale.  It was FREEZING and FOGGY outside.  Hardly anyone showed up... because they couldn't see the signs!  Around 8:30am a man drove up with a big trailor and asked how much we would sell everything for.  Well, he got a bargain... but EVERYTHING went!  No clean up and no trips to Goodwill.  God is good.  

I've been reading Genesis this past week.  It is amazing how many little things you don't remember about all of these old stories.  I am really looking forward to all of the things I am going to learn this year.  I also found a new Bible Study tool called E sword that is absolutely FREE!  Once I figure out how to use it, I will share more with you.  =)

I am feeling better today... so all of those piles of clutter in my room... they're gonna be history!  I would take before and after pics, but I am too embarrassed.  (blushing)  But trust me... I am going to sleep much better tonight knowing that all of that stuff is gone.  

Enjoy your Saturday!!

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