Monday, February 16, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

This is my Clean Eating menu for the week. I drink lots of water, black coffee, green tea, fat free milk and orange juice occasionally. I do a lot of my shopping at Trader Joes.

B - Whole Grain Toast
S - String cheese, wheat thins, lean turkey
L - turkey sandwich on whole grain bread
S - dark chocolate 100 calorie bar
D - Salmon, green beans
S - organic animal crackers
B - oatmeal w/organic brown sugar, whole grain toast
S - granny smith apple, string cheese
L - whole wheat pita pizza
S - almonds, dark chocolate bar
D - chicken breast w/whole wheat pasta
S - dried mango
B - Scrambled egg whites w/spinach, mushrooms, tomato, whole grain tortilla
S - Kashi granola bar
L - Carls Jr. BBQ Chicken Sandwich - dry
S - Orange
D - Spaghetti with whole what pasta/organic sauce
S - Organic dried fruit snack
B - Whole Grain cheerios w/skim milk
S - Banana
L - turkey sandwich on whole grain bread, string cheese
S - Kashi granola bar
D - Salmon, asparagus, brown rice
S - Dark chocolate w/raw almonds
B - Whole grain french toast, sliced banana, real maple syrup
S - string cheese, apple, wheat thins (whole grain crackers)
L - salad w/chicken (squeeze lemon on it for dressing)
S - Jamba Juice (regular, no sugar added)
D - Tilapia, brown rice, zuchini
S - hot tea, 10 organic animal crackers
B - Oatmeal
S - Activia Yogurt
L - Healthy Request tomato soup
S - Kashi Granola Bar
D - Whole Wheat veggie pizza
S - Banana
B - Egg with whole grain toast
S - Activia Yogurt
L - Soup & Salad
S - Almonds & fruit
D - Garlic lemon chicken with artichoke hearts on Whole Wheat Penne Pasta
S - Dark Chocolate bar

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