Tuesday, March 10, 2009


This was sent to me in a card when my dad passed away. The cool thing is, the person that sent it had no idea that my dad had a background in music.
God does not write the music of our lives without a plan. Our part is to learn the tune and not be discouraged during the rests. They are not to be slurred over or omitted, nor used to destroy the melody or to change the key. If we will only look up, God Himself will count the time for us. With our eyes on Him, our next note will be full and clear. If we sorrowfully say to ourselves, "There is no music in a rest," let us not forget that the rest is part of the making of the music. The process is often slow and painful in this life, yet how patiently God works to teach us! And how long He waits for us to learn the lesson. John Ruskin

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Lori said...

oh that's good! that will preach! thanks for sharing this with us!