Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Thank you Jesus!

This morning during my quiet time, I realized how very blessed I am to have a God that loved me so much, He gave His son for me. He made it easy for me... compared to what Moses and Aaron and the Israelites had to do to get forgiven. All of those sacrifices... that was a lot of work! Reading Levitcus is not easy, but it is eye opening to me... showing me how truly amazing God is. I need forgiveness often, for silly things I say/do and thoughts I have. Thank goodness I don't have to scarifice a goat or a dove every time I fail. Thank you Jesus!

I am reading the book "It takes so little to be above Average", and in the chapter I read today, it talked about self image. As a child, I hated the way I looked. I had crooked teeth, thick and unruly hair, hand me down clothes. I had a very negative attitude about myself. As an adult, I have realized that there are things I can change... I had a gap between my teeth, so I had the dentist fix that. I was overweight, so I started eating better and lost it. I learned how to use a flat iron and now my hair is straight and managable! =) I think I dress quite cute now too... but I had to learn how. I read lots of magazines and watched a lot of What Not To Wear. There are still things I do not like... like my thighs... but I can exercise and work on that too (or get lipo! Just kidding... sort of). There is very little we can't change, with a little work. I also realized that a lot of what I thought, came from what others said. No one can change your thoughts but you. Don't let negative people tell you who you are. You are fearfully and wonderfully made... by God! He loves you and wants only the best for you. He has a purpose and a plan for you! Be the best that you can be because you never know whos life you are going to impact. Speak life, not death.

Have a BLESSED day!!

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Lori said...

thank God for Flat Irons! ya we sure coulda used those back in the 80's huh! lol. you are beautiful and i loved this post!