Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Field of Dreams...

I am suppose to speak on "dreams" at church in May... Ahhhhhhh! I am really excited and nervous and SCARED! We're starting this Sunday night with the baseball theme - Spring Training. Field of Dreams is the movie we are using for clips. (I really need to watch it!) I have been tossing things around in my head for weeks. I have the title of my message and even a few thoughts... but getting them all out in a sensible way to a crowd of people will be the hard part! I don't know how Pastor does this every week... 3 times! I really want what I say to make sense. I can write all day... but to get up and actually speak it... Lord help me! My team is The Dodgers... Go Blue! We get to decorate and wear our teams jerseys... it is going to be fun. I will post pics!

Yesterday was a hard day. I am feeling better today. Sometimes I just get overwhelmed with sadness and frustration. Reading the Word and journaling help a lot. God has opened my eyes to so many things in my morning quiet times. Yes... I still get up with the chickens at 6am. I haven't made it to the 5:16am time yet... but I am ok with that. Today I read Proverbs 8. (All about Wisdom) Pastor talked about "unguarded moments" last Wednesday night. What an awesome message he gave! We all have those moments. He used David and Abigail as an example. When David got so angry he wanted to kill Abigails husband and family, she stepped in and reminded him to use Wisdom. She reminded him who he was (a king) and helped him be reasonable. We all need Abigails in our lives (and to be an Abigail to someone else).

Have a great week!

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