Monday, June 15, 2009

Clean Eating menu... just for Ellie!

Wow... I haven't been on here in a long time! I guess I don't have anything to say... nothing worth putting in black and white anyway. =) Ellie has asked for a menu of Clean foods for this week... so here it is: Remember... no sugar! No preservatives! and lots of water. =)

B-oatmeal with whole grain toast (use a little organic brown sugar for taste)
S-apple slices, whole grain crackers, light string cheese
L- lean turkey with swiss cheese on whole grain bread (dry or with mustard), carrots
S-raw almonds and a 100 calorie dark chocolate bar from Trader Joes
D-roasted sweet potato with real butter (1 t.) and a little brown sugar
S-banana or strawberries

B-scrambled egg whites on a whole grain tortilla with salsa and a little grated cheddar cheese
S-pear, kashi granola bar
L-chicken sandwich from carls jr. (dry), fruit, iced tea w/lemon
S-celery sticks with almond butter
D-baked salmon, asparagus, brown rice
S-bowl of cheerios with fat free milk (no sugar!)

B-whole grain toast with almond butter, fat free milk, banana
S-air popped popcorn with sea salt
L-Chicken breast on salad with lots of veggies, lemon juice as dressing
S-low fat cottage cheese & light yogurt
D-Turkey burger, steamed broccoli
S-String cheese with whole grain crackers

B-Organic whole grain waffle with real maple syrup (1 T) and berries, black coffee
S-lowfat yogurt, Kashi granola bar
L-subway sandwich on wheat with tons of veggies (dry)
S-raw almonds, apple slices
D-multi grain pasta with organic tomato sauce, artichoke hearts and chicken breast
S-Orange, unsalted walnuts

B-scrambled eggs with mushrooms & spinach & tomatoes
S-berries with light yogurt
L-whole wheat pita pizza (mozz cheese, artichoke hearts, spinach) bake until hot
S-hummus with veggies
D-Turkey breast cutlets, roasted sweet potato, sliced tomato
S-Kashi granola bar and fruit